Our roots are deeply embedded in the lush farmlands of Southwest Virginia.  They are nourished by modern-day farmers who employ age-old techniques, hard-working heroes who nurture not only the people, but the land as well.  We've gotten to know these local farmers and are better for it.  They help us keep time with the rhythms of the seasons.  Sun-ripened tomatoes in the summer, hearty root vegetables in the winter - we serve what is fresh and natural at the peak of its flavor.

Our roots are fed by a philosophy we call S.O.L.E.: Sustainable, Organic, Local, Ethical.  It's a principle that guides us as we decide from whom to source our meats and vegetables.  It also informs our beverage program.  We prefer working with small wineries; for example, who care not only about flavor, but about their impact on the earth.

Please read on so that you can get to know not only us and the farmers, but also ways that you can get more involved.

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