Because we work so closely with our local farmers, we often have to make last-minute menu changes  based on what is available.  Please call ahead if you have questions about exactly what we'll be serving: 540-206-2610.




sunday brunch menu



three cheese plate...lavash, accoutrements|$16

chicken liver mousse...pickled onion, lavash|$9

oysters on the half shell...lime, apple mignonette|$2.50 each

 brunch salad...shaved carrot, house dressing, curtin’s feta, cherry tomato, cucumber, benton’s bacon, crouton, benne seed|$9 
add an egg your way|$1.50



eggs benedict...slow cooked egg, benton’s ham, home fries, brown butter hollandaise|$13

braised pork benedict...slow cooked egg, pork shoulder, heirloom tomato, brown butter hollandaise, home fries|$16

brunch noodle noodles, roasted beef broth, slow cooked egg, beef short rib, charred corn, cherry tomato, green bean, pickled peppers|$15

vegetable frittata... LR crème fraîche, home fries, fresh greens|$12

4 scrambled eggs...ashe county cheddar, home fries |$12 
add crispy benton’s country ham|$1.50

brioche french toast...vanilla, VA maple, toasted pecans, VA peach, peach purée, home fries|$14


 buttermilk biscuit...braised lamb leg, pickled peppers, heirloom tomato, raw onion, tzatziki, fried egg, home fries |$15

anson mills corn grits...two fried eggs, braised greens, benton’s bacon, brown butter|$14

ancient white park cheese, yellow mustard, pickled green tomato, crispy onion, fried egg, home fries|$16 
add benton’s bacon|$2

blackened redfish...anson mills farro, roasted mushrooms, cherry tomato, benton’s bacon, fresh peach, fried egg|$24

 heritage pork chop...pencil cob grits, LR sauerkraut, beer mustard, heirloom carrot, fried egg|$24


benton’s country ham...$4.50

home fries...$3.50

anson mills grits...$4.50

side salad...$4

artisanal toast...$1.50

benton’s bacon...$4.50

braised greens...$4.50

roasted veggies...$5.00


housemade dessert|$5



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