Sunday Supper ~ June 19, 2011
Father's Day

Please choose a main for each guest and the two sides your table would like to share…

leaves & lettuces...ashe county bleu cheese, balsamic vinaigrette

heritage pulled mash, red eye onion gravy
big pine trout & bang island mussels...garlic scape risotto
creamy polenta...vegetables, herbs, flowers
kids' grilled cheese
kids' pasta

kennebec potatoes
glazed carrots
sea island red pea salad

dessert ($3)
flourless chocolate cake...cherries, rye streusel, caramel

adults $17, kids 6 to 12 $9, kids 5-&-under free
desserts and beverages are menu price

Reservations Encouraged. 540-206-2610opentable-cta      tripadvisor-cta