Sunday Supper ~ June 24, 2011

Please choose a main for each guest and the two sides your table would like to share…

green leaf salad...curtin's goat cheese, red onion, cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette

LA crawfish boil...tomato, corn, potato, tumeric
heritage chicken leg...ratatouille, cheddar
pasta pomodoro...basil, san marzano tomato, olive oil
kids' grilled cheese
kids' pasta

kennebec potatoes
roasted pattypan squash
braised cabbage

dessert ($3)
lemon curd...pecan, meringue, caramel

adults $17, kids 6 to 12 $9, kids 5-&-under free
desserts and beverages are menu price

Reservations Encouraged. 540-206-2610opentable-cta      tripadvisor-cta